Lana Del Rey might just be punking the world, who knows.  But we played her anyways.  Because on Exposure, we don’t stop to check your credentials, we just kick you into the tiger pit to fend for your musical self.  It brings out the best in people (just look at Sleigh Bells — they’re basically psychopaths, and now that Reign of Terror is finally out they can act on all their ruthless whims).

  1. Look Mexico, “Arrest?  I Don’t Feel Like I’m Under Arrest”
  2. Lana Del Rey, “Videogames”
  3. Jon Drake and the Shakes, “Charlie”
  4. The Features, “How It Starts”
  5. Brown Shoe, “Colt Rider”
  6. Andy Clockwise, “Love and War”
  7. Mike Snow, “Paddling Out”
  8. Mike Bloom, “Gold Mine”
  9. DJ Shadow feat. Little Dragon, “Scale It Back”
  10. The Static Jacks, “Into the Sun”
  11. IAMDYNAMITE, “Stereo”
  12. Kevin Devine, “The First Hit”
  13. Magic Wands, “Space”
  14. Sleigh Bells, “Comeback Kid”