Jack White’s solo album Blunderbuss dropped today, and angels fell from heaven in their urge to listen to it. You’d think that Jack’s music would extend up into the heavens, but no — the dude is a minstrel for the masses and keeps things grounded in his down-home rockstar way. All this is true.

  1. The Cult, “For the Animals”
  2. Jonquil, “It’s My Part”
  3. Big Sir, “Ready On the Line”
  4. Puscifer, “Telling Ghosts”
  5. Husky, “History’s Door”
  6. Geographer, “Kites”
  7. Jack White, “Hypocritical Kiss”
  8. Fucked Up, “Queen of Hearts”
  9. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, “Senator”
  10. Shearwater, “Breaking the Yearlings”
  11. Oberhofer, “Away Frm U”
  12. SBTRKT, “Hold On”
  13. The Poison Oaks, “Pine”