I’m naming my first child Reptar.

That is all.

  1. Charles Bradley, “Heartaches and Pain”
  2. Brendan Benson, “What Kind of World”
  3. Reptar, “Sebastian”
  4. Races, “Big Broom”
  5. The Dstnce, “Dry Land”
  6. Fucked Up, “Queen of Hearts”
  7. Oberhover, “Away Frm U”
  8. St. Vincent, “Cheerleader”
  9. We Were Promised Jetpacks, “Medicine”
  10. Midnight Youth,”World Comes Calling”
  11. Our Lady Peace, “Heavyweight”
  12. Bon Iver, “Holocene”
  13. Magic Wands, “Black Magic”
  14. Dangerous!, “Not One of You”