In the wake of the madness that was the Black Keys’ Boston show, I couldn’t decide how best to channel that into Exposure.  Answer?  Why not play a track from their opener, the inimitable and dashingly-accented Arctic Monkeys.  Combine that with Radiohead and some Regina Spektor and you have yourself a party.  Well, I don’t.  I’m all alone here.  Hello?  Call 401-272-9555 to request an agonized poem of heartfelt agony.  What’s that?  You just want to hear the Black Keys again?  Ah, well, how can I refuse?

  1. School of Seven Bells, “The Night”
  2. Arctic Monkeys, “R U Mine”
  3. Tara Priya, “Run Like Hell”
  4. The Horrors, “I Can See Right Through You”
  5. The Left, “Cellophane”
  6. Look Mexico, “You Hungry? Good. ‘Cause You’re Sayin’ Grace.”
  7. Nada Surf, “Waiting For Something”
  8. tUnE-yArDs, “Gangsta”
  9. Sleigh Bells, “Comeback Kid”
  10. Regina Spektor, “All the Rowboats”
  11. Black Keys, “Money Maker”
  12. Radiohead, “Staircase”
  13. Battles, “My Machines”