Normally I’d be tempting fate if I ended an Exposure with a track called “D.O.A.”…but it’s Sleigh Bells.  So we automatically win.  Also making appearances were the witchy and wonderful Black Belles, and the jittery synths of Toro y Moi.  Quality music at low prices: the Exposure Guarantee.

  1. Magic Wands, “Space”
  2. Neon Indian, “Hex Girlfriend”
  3. Geographer, “Kites”
  4. Evan Voytas, “You Don’t Even Know Where It’s At”
  5. Cursive, “The Sun and Moon”
  6. The Black Belles, “Honky Tonk Horror”
  7. The Beautiful View, “The Horseman”
  8. The Horrors, “I Can See Through You”
  9. Pet Lions, “When I Grow Old”
  10. First Aid Kit, “Emmylou”
  11. Toro y Moi, “All Alone”
  12. Sleigh Bells, “D.O.A.”