Sleigh Bells?  Radiohead?  The synapse-melting guitars’n’beats + the burbles of Thom Yorke’s synthey prowess?  Please, people, let’s vote to legalize this marriage of madness in all 60 states (I’m counting moon colonies) and get on with the Exposure lovin’.

  1. Mister Heavenly, “Bronx Sniper”
  2. Say Anything, “Say Anything”
  3. Sleigh Bells, “Crush”
  4. High Highs, “Open Season”
  5. The Chambermaids, “China Blue”
  6. Example, “Changed the Way You Kiss Me”
  7. Radiohead, “Staircase”
  8. Mazes, “Most Days”
  9. The Mars Volta, “The Malkin Jewel”
  10. Islands, “Hallways”
  11. Little Barrie, “Surf Hell”
  12. DJ Shadow feat. Tom Vek, “Warning Call”
  13. The Left, “Cellophane”