CaptureFavorite Band(s)?

Muse, Sufjan Stevens, The Beatles, Portugal. The Man, The Airborne Toxic Event, Iron and Wine, The Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, Weezer, ∆ (that’s alt-j if you’re having trouble with the pronunciation), Kanye West

Favorite Concert/Festival Ever?

Portugal. The Man at Lupo’s in fall of 2011. Their time-synced color-changing stage baubles coupled with a seemingly bottomless smoke machine made for a visual experience like no other. Not to mention that they sounded like Jesus.

Best and Worst Part of Being a DJ at WBRU?

Best: Getting to interview badass musical acts, and then having them serenade me live and in studio.

Worst: Is there a nice way to say that I don’t like playing Fall Out Boy?

What Do You Think About Right Before You Go On-Air?


If You Could Interview One Artist, Who Would it Be and What Would You Say?

Thom Yorke. I wouldn’t let him leave the studio til he taught me the Lotus Flower dance.

If You Were Immortal for a Day, What Would You Do?

Hunt dinosaurs (naked).

If You Could Have Any Super Power, What Would it Be, and What Would You Do With It?

Space-time travel. I would insert myself into every major historical painting/photo/video/cave drawing ever made, then kick back and watch the conspiracy theorists do their thing.

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