BHi Music Group is at it again! This time with From The Rabbit Hole, a multi-genre compilation of killer singles by NYC performing acts who are on the rise. Go to and you can enter to win a FREE, custom Crosley turntable!

Pre-order the double vinyl LP “From The Rabbit Hole” and be one of the lucky seven! Seven buyers will win a custom Crosley turntable! Order fast – only 2,500 available!

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Check out the sampler and ready more about “From The Rabbit Hole” below:

Curated over a full year by A&R Shane Galvin of Big House Independent Music Group, the compilation begins its underground journey in New York, with a new city to be explored each year.  It will be released digitally and on a double-vinyl LP!

Made of recycled vinyl, the LP is earth-friendly. It can be found only here and at select retailers across the US and Canada, distributed by Caroline. Only 2,500 vinyl LP’s have been manufactured – so get yours quickly!

The acts were chosen by the quality of their music, their performance capability, and their readiness for growth — not primarily by their “numbers.”  You may not know the acts on the compilation, but you’ll be happy to discover them!  It has been a labor of love, and we hope to bring shine to these emerging artists as they lead their genre and represent the cross-section that flows from NY’s music scene.

Crosley, one of our dear sponsors, has also thrown a little something in — upon purchase of a vinyl, the recipient not only gets a free digital download, but is automatically, randomly entered to win a Crosley custom turntable!  The turntable, of course, has “Harry” – our mascot rabbit – graffiti’d onto a one-of-a-kind design.  No purchase is necessary to win the turntable.  Just go to the “Win” tab and fill out an entry form.

There’s more ways to win too!  Send Harry around the world and Instagram #carryharry and you can win a tee-shirt or other cool prizes –Visit NYC & Co. for more ways to win and follow events (from mass mob bunny hops to showcases and concert events)!  Oh, and check out your local university fraternity or sorority chapter. They just might be hosting a live performance by one of the Rabbit Hole acts in October-December!  The tour is called “Get ‘Em To The Greek” and it’s kicking off at Bucknell U!

Keep an ear out for these singles on your radio across the US, and an eye out for a documentary on the making of this incredible compilation.  More info to come, so stay updated on BHi Music Group’s Facebook Page!

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