Providence venue Aurora said its final goodbye with Mi Gente!: A Puerto Rico Benefit Show/Dance Party. There, DJs Norlan, Da Huey X, wacklikedat, Ushamami, Cam Bells, Selector Aneudy, and Shenge held a proper sendoff for a venue that has welcomed any and everyone in.





Aurora, situated smack in the middle of downtown Providence, felt like a hub for all things relevant — be it a benefit for Puerto Rico that has the whole space moving; an empty Monday night dedicated to synth fiends; an overdrive, dance-y Runnin Thru the 401; a shadowy gay goth night; or a salsa con soul put on by RI Latin Dance. Aurora opened its doors to artists, and let them set the tone of every performance that happened there. Seven days a week, every week for years, we got something different and organic from a space that let the Creative Capital express itself in a new way each day.





Thank you, Aurora, for bringing 3 and a half years of loved programming to Providence.

All the best to the next space to take up the mantle,
The BRU team