On New Album, Young the Giant Get Reflective

It's called Mirror Master, and, yes, we're very clever.

Young the Giant’s first album since 2016, Mirror Master, offers a stimulating collection of songs with a variety of both upbeat and mellow tunes. The Irvine, California alt-rock band is no stranger to the U.S. alternative charts, with hit songs “Cough Syrup”, “My Body”, and “Mind Over Matter.” Mirror Master is a reflective collection of tracks concerning anxiety, depression, and love. The experimental alternative rock album begins with “Superposition,” an upbeat opener about desire and commitment. “Superposition” is followed by another love song with a hopeful vibe, “Simplify”; yet, this song has a heavier emphasis on guitar and brings up questions about the future. The track is a bit repetitive, but sets listeners up for the album’s journey of coming to terms with internal struggle and finding oneself.   While “Oblivion boasts strong lyrics about feeling alone and facing fears, it falters with its simple melody. There is a powerful guitar instrumental towards the end, but the two minutes leading up to it were not enough to keep me drawn into the song.   Dark Shade of Blue” is a song that stands out from the rest with its soothing, ethereal sound. A song for those feeling lost and alone, “Dark Shade” affirms “you’re not alone anymore” to those feeling hopeless.   Tightrope,” one of my favorite songs of the album, boasts an upbeat tune and lyrics about taking risks to get what we want. Its spirited, youthful melody will have listeners dancing and singing along. It is followed by “Panoramic Girl,” a peaceful track about what lies in our memories and dreams.   The album closes with “You + I,” my personal favorite, and namesake “Mirror Master.” “You + I” leaves listeners in an encouraged and blissful mood with its soothing, upbeat rhythm and lyrics about finding love and overcoming struggle. I find the lyrics particularly notable for the inspiration they offer about persevering beyond my personal obstacles. It is noteworthy that Young the Giant not only addresses mental health, but does so in a humanizing way, making the topic relatable to listeners. “Mirror Master” ends the album with a hopeful message to fans: “I’m piecing it together.”   Young the Giant, a frequent Providence performer and previous guest at WBRU, will be returning to PVD on November 11th to perform Mirror Master and more. Fans can look forward to the passionate performance the band is known for. Tickets can be found here.