RH 2016 Young LincolnLast Saturday, WBRU took over Dirty Water Pub for this year’s 2016 Rock Hunt Wildcard Night. A crowd gathered as the first act Young Lincoln. Based in Thompson, Connecticut, the group of four pumped up the audience with their electrifying set. Their bassist Jake especially couldn’t contain his energy, and that spirit translated to the audience. “It was awesome when people started dancing,” Andy (guitar, vocals) said after their performance. Their exhilaration masked their initial anxiety. “I was just really nervous,” Joey (drums) said. Luke (guitar, synth) and the rest of the band agreed.

RH 2016 Kick UpsAt 10pm, The Kick-Ups stepped onstage. The two-piece band hails from Providence. Drummer Ryan is also the lead singer. They praised Young Lincoln for their set, and as a member of the most quotable band of the night, Ryan says, “I’m sexually attracted to their music.” Ryan and Mike (guitar) play their hearts out. They pack a punch with tracks from their record Fictions, and the audience responds to their intensity, dancing and singing along at the chorus. Ryan decidedly closes up the night by beating his drum kit to the ground.

RH 2016 SidecarSidecar wrapped up the evening. The band of three is based in Richmond, Rhode Island, and their style is acoustic and more slow-paced compared to their peers. They performed songs from their debut album Souvenirs, and after the show, band members Jack, Matt and Nate are all smiles. “It’s such an honor to be here,” Matt (guitar) says. “But at the same time, it’s so intimidating, especially after watching Young Lincoln and The Kick-Ups perform!”

The crowd clapped and stomped to “We Will Rock You” in anticipation for the results. Fans and bands alike held their breath. Young Lincoln wins! Their parents on the balcony of the second floor scream and hug in disbelief and delight. Downstairs, Andy, Joey, Luke, and Jake celebrate. When asked if they have anything to say to their fans, they laugh and say, “Just thank you to BRU!”

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