By Mara Donadio

The second round of Rock Hunt semifinals kicked off Saturday night at The Parlour. Semifinalists Moment of Clarity, No Recall, and Le Roxy Pro took the stage to try to claim a spot in the 2016 Rock Hunt Finals. Throughout the show, fans visited the WBRU table where they spun the wheel of prizes and entered for a chance to win tickets to the WBRU Dunkin’ Donuts April Fools’ Bash! and stopped by the bar to enjoy a refreshing Narragansett beer.

RH2016-MomentOfClarity-2.27.16 (3 of 17)First to perform was Moment of Clarity, hailing from Fall River, Massachusetts. Marriah Cram led the band with her strong vocals and eye-catching red romper. Their upbeat energy was invigorating and got the audience dancing along to the beat. Ashton Rock was on drums, Ashtyn Haskins on bass, and Nate McShane and Benjamin Frazier were on guitar.



RH2016-NoRecall-2.27.16 (11 of 17)Next up was No Recall from Providence, Rhode Island. Band members Jake Harris, Ben NeJame, Brody Briggs, Phil Orsi put on a great performance. The band rocked the house, aided by Jake Harris’s powerful vocals.



RH2016-LeRoxyPro-2.27.16 (6 of 12)Last but not least was Le Roxy Pro from Boston, Massachusetts. This year was their second time performing in Rock Hunt, and we’re glad they returned because they put on a great set. Band members Brent Battey, Sam Creager, Andrew Knox, Dave Chapman, and Greg Settino had a great sound that filled that filled the entire room and got the audience moving to the music.

At the end of the night, DJs Witz and Chilbo announced the winner: Le Roxy Pro! The band was thrilled by the win. Brent Battey said that he and his band “couldn’t be more happy” and that everyone who played gave a great performance. He added that “WBRU has been a big part of my life and they’ve really done some great things for me and my bands and my family.” Le Roxy Pro will be joining Oliver Penn at the 2016 Rock Hunt Finals on March 19.

It was an amazing show and we’re looking forward to the third night Semifinals on Friday, March 4 at Dusk!

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Photos Courtesy of WBRU Media Intern Lindsay Sack

2016 Rock Hunt Semifinals at The Parlour 2.27.16