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Able Thought

With introspective lyrics, tranquil beats, infectious melodies, and a rumbling acoustic guitar, Able Thought creates music that smoothly blends together different genres. Able Thought is a one-man project hailing from Warren, Rhode Island. He just released a new album, Serene in Limbo, this past December and it’s full of captivating tracks reminiscent of work from WBRU artists Chet Faker and Bon Iver.


Allston Police

Formerly of the pop band Love Via Dance Machine, Izaiah and Jimmy have teamed up once more to create the high-intensity rock n’ roll of Allston Police. Based in Providence, the duo combines gritty guitar riffs, pounding drums, and pop/rock-tinged vocals. As stated on their Facebook page: “If you like sitting down and relaxing this is the band for you!” – No One



Post-Apocalyptic Rock meets Spaghetti Western. Ziggy Stardust meets Queen and Sweeney Todd. Their track “Deep Dark Night” sounds like looking directly into an exploding sun. These are all phrases mentioned on their Facebook page. Once you hear a song from this Providence band, you’ll know exactly what we mean.


Cannibal Ramblers

The Cannibal Ramblers proudly play Abstract Ashcan Delta Swamp Backwater Stomp. The Cannibal Ramblers are a three (sometimes four) piece band from Boston/Providence. Their influences range from Mississippi Delta, surf music, punk, rock, Jazz and deconstructive performance sound art. These disparate styles jump together creating a unique and idiosyncratic sound, blasting with power.


Crash & the Boys

This North Attleboro trio’s indie rock tunes take you on a trip to the skies with the high-energy “One (That) They Call” while simultaneously bringing you back down to earth with the laid-back “Fingertips.” Their expansive frontiers highlight the band’s restless and rebellious nature and youthful spirit. Reminiscent of “Reptilia”’s finest, Ben, Matt, and Tommy are definitely on their way to greatness.



EMPIRE is another young band making waves in Providence. Their music reveals pop, punk, and indie influences: deep, melancholy, angry, and sweet by turn, it’s the kind of music you listen to when you’re yearning for someone. On City Lights, a track that features introspective guitar-driven pop rock in the same vein as Coldplay’s Rush of Blood to the Head album, the band croons, “we know you don’t care much about it, love.” But EMPIRE will make you care about what they have to say, it’s that good.



This Boston-area band boasts heavy guitars and a post-hardcore influence. With slick production and songs to jump around to, this band of 4 — inspired by “The Pixies, the 90’s, and calzones” — has a promising future. Their latest record “Famous Athletes” is available for free online.


Le Roxy Pro

From Quincy, MA, Le Roxy Pro is the poster child of East Coast Surf Jams. Le Roxy Pro’s chill vibes make you feel like you’re on the beach, under the sun. Their sound is perfect for relaxation through your headphones and for an entertaining show in person. They emerged as the Runner Up at the Rock Hunt Semifinals Night 1.


Little Compton Band

One day in Little Compton, Rhode Island, five Little Comptons started playing music together. Their homeland roots and small-town spirit flawlessly drift into their refreshingly ethereal jams full of smooth soulful riffs and harmonies. The ebb and flow of The Little Compton Band’s melodies with soothe you. These guys truly are the embodiment of cool.


Marriage Material

“Marriage Material started in a dark basement in Foxboro, MA.” Chelsey’s angelic yet strong voice leads the 4-piece band’s keyboard-driven sound. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, this indie-rock band is set to release their first EP this spring.


Novi Giants

Novi Giants, a Providence-based four-piece band brings some much-needed Indie Dance jams to the local music scene. The band members each have their own unique musical tastes and backgrounds, but their music is a cohesive and collaborative effort. Novi Giants’ complex sound combines vocal harmonies, captivating lyrics, catchy guitar riffs, and progressive rhythms. Also worth noting, their music video for their song “Need That” is extremely random, but extremely fun.


The October Accord

From small town Millville, MA, this pop-punk group has been making music together since 2011. They recently released an EP “Cheapshot of the Year” this March full of their signature youthful intensity. With catchy melodies and influences from Paramore and Mayday Parade, these teens know how to make you dance.


Paler Ghost

Consisting of 4 members, Paler Ghost hails from Providence, RI. Their edgy sound is reminiscent of the alternative rock era of Queens of the Stone Age, Breaking Benjamin, and 30 Seconds to Mars. Dark and intense, these songs are truly headbang-inducing.



Hailing from different corners of Rhode Island, PEACEWISE is defined by its five members. Each person brings their own unique function to the table to make a dynamic and powerful interval set of resonant vibrations. With influences of alternative rock, folk, jazz, and metal, you’d think you’re riding a diverging function of enjoyment. They are also influenced by math.


Public Alley

Begun in Warwick, RI in 2012, Public Alley is a young band ready to take over the local scene. Yet to release their debut album, one of Public Alley’s strengths is their ability to shift between genres, ranging between guitar and key jams reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys and ballads as uplifting and atmospheric as Florence and the Machine. Their lead single “Loretta” pairs singer Zoe Hinman’s simple but haunting voice with strings and a full indie/alt band. On “Televised,” they switch things up–guitarist Noah Barreto takes over the vocals, and the song is carried forward by powerful drums and energetic keys.


Royal Street

Formerly known as Sienna, this 4-piece band from Providence, RI just played their first show as Royal Street at the Rock Hunt Semifinals Night 2. Viana leads the guys with her impressive vocals as they deliver their high-energy pop-punk sound. Check out their fun groove on their latest single “Memory” which dropped last month.


S. Walcott

S. Walcott is one of the youngest bands in the Rock Hunt this year and showed that they can keep up with the rest at the Rock Hunt Semifinals Night 3. From South Kingstown, RI, this band of 5 brings polished Indie Rock vibes and youthful energy. They recently released a new single “Clockwork” earlier this month.


The Skinny Millionaires

After living with and touring with rock bands in Seattle, WA, lead singer/guitarist Mike O’Donnell moved back to his Atlantic home of Newport, Rhode Island in 2007, after being nearly stabbed to death at his own show at 26 years old. This life altering event gave Mike a clear and objective view of what he needed to do – music. The Skinnies’ sound takes garage punk sweat and balls and seamlessly mixes it with lush, hauntingly beautiful Americana.



This Glocester, RI band of 5 proudly brands itself as Ocean State Pop Punk. Southpier made an impression as the runner up of the Rock Hunt Semifinals Night 3. With heavy guitar and hyperactive drums, these guys give their all at each show with a set that is energetic, powerful, and emotive.


Space Pony

Space Pony is comprised of two Americans and a Russian who just happened to meet on the moon… or the International Space Station or whatever. They hail from Providence and couldn’t make it as a three piece folk jazz ensemble so here they are now.

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