Ahh, another year come and gone – time for Billboard’s 2012 year end charts here. There’s plenty of singles from this chart to stow away on the iPod, along with many songs that should never leak into the new year.

Isaac Brekken / Dave Hogan, Getty Images

Rihanna put in some serious collaboration time with over 5+ appearances.
Calvin Harris & David Guetta remixed their way to being 2012’s top producers.
Even though it was a bumpy year for Katy Perry’s personal life, she swarmed the charts with her exceptional singing & songwriting abilities.

Now, can we all retire “Call me maybe” from our go-to pick-up lines?


Gotye has the #1 song on the list, and rose to success thanks to YouTube, a great make-up team, and his spunky-indie style. Followed by Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, at #2, and fun. at #3, with We Are Young.

Flo Rida really put in some work this past year and clutched 3 songs in the top 20. All the songs fit well with his Southern party scene and he really knows how to get stuck in your head; Wild Ones ft. Sia (#11), Good Feeling (#16), and Whistle (#17).

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It seems as if 2012 was a good party, since many of these songs are up-beat and dance worthy. Not many slower Country or Rock tunes seemed to make the cut.

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