KONGOS brought their Lunatic Tour to Lupo’s with opening acts Colony House and Sir Sly to make this Friday the 13th especially awesome. Whether you’re still not over missing the concert or want to relive all of its greatness, check out the list below!

1. The bitter, bitter cold

Photo by Tim Siekiera

These bands from Tennessee, California, and South Africa were not ready. A shocking number of New Englanders were. Several fans wearing short shorts outside were observed. OUTSIDE, where there were less than zero degrees present. Smart (or insane) concertgoers left their coats at home to beat all the weenies wasting time at the coat check. Sneaky bastards.


2. Colony House drummer Will Chapman threw a maraca at bassist Scott Mills

Colony House
Photo by Tim Siekiera

I mean, he didn’t need it anymore. Throwing it just seemed like the quickest solution. And Scott didn’t even break focus! Just a little chuckle, a polite nod of acknowledgment towards Will, and the show went on. Very impressive. Maybe someone should give Scott a Wet Willie next time… I’d bet $20 he doesn’t even flinch.


3. Colony House’s closer “2:20” left many ovaries damaged

Colony House concert
Photo by Tim Siekiera

After what was already a show-stealing set, the first blues lick of 2:20 insinerated every pair of panties, boxers, and briefs in the audience. Between the red strobe lighting and the band’s insane passion, their closing performance was one of the best (and sexiest) of the night. This up-and-coming band proved themselves at this show, and will be kicking ass and breaking hearts around the US for the next six months.


4. Sir Sly’s Landon Jacobs giggling uncontrollably

Photo by Tim Siekiera

Because the maraca incident from earlier wasn’t enough shenanigans for one night, touring Sir Sly guitarist Philippe Gutierrez decided to mess with singer Landon Jacobs in the middle of their opening song. You know those weird ear things musicians wear during concerts (in-ear monitors, according to the internet)? Well, Philippe just strolled across stage and pulled it out of Landon’s ear. Landon couldn’t keep it together, and was adorably giggling for the rest of the song, proving that he is actually a sweetheart underneath his untouchably hip exterior. But like, at least it wasn’t a Wet Willie.


5. 4 out of 5 members of Sir Sly recommend getting an undercut

Photo by Tim Siekiera

Between their appearance at WBRU a year ago and today, all of the band members (except touring keyboardist Chase Kensrue, who missed an important memo) decided to get matching undercuts. Drummer Hayden Coplen kept his up in a swoon-inducing man bun, while everyone else left their half-shaved locks wild and free. It makes dressing up as Sir Sly for halloween (group costume 2015, anyone?) pretty simple. Shave the sides of your head, pull on some of your own merch, and call it a day.


6. Everything about the KONGOS stage setup

Photo by Tim Siekiera

The drumset with three (3!!!) attached microphones. The massive banner. When the banner fell down and everyone thought it was a mistake for a hot second. When everyone realized that was actually intensional and there were magic screens and lights hiding behind the now-fallen banner. The sunsets and abstract dancing women on these magic screens. Brilliant.


7. Johnny Kongos made the accordion look cool

Photo by Tim Siekiera

It’s hard to tell whether it was the beard, the novelty of his talents, or some beautiful combination of the two, but eldest brother Johnny’s casual brilliance stole the show more than once. Seriously, people lose their shit for accordion solos. Especially during the band’s iconic single “Come With Me Now.”


8. KONGOS revealed next single “I Want to Know”:

Dylan Kongos
Photo by Tim Siekiera

And it was excellent. Dylan Kongos also dropped that the band has plans to record their 3rd studio album once the Lunatic Tour wraps up later this spring. Maybe we can expect some more singles by the time the snow melts… if they snow melts.


9. KONGOS cover “Eleanor Rigby” ft. cameo from rapper Mo Gordon

Jesse Kongos
Photo by Tim Siekiera

They’ve had a history of covering Beatles songs during live performances, and didn’t break that streak last night. This cover was as good as it was strange, and was made complete by an appearance from Mo Gordon, a man who has made a name for himself as “that guy who raps during KONGOS Beatles covers.” He found his calling.



Photo by Tim Siekiera

There was a calm. The bass grumbled. A spotlight flickered. Then HOLY SHIT SMOKE WAS EVERYWHERE. CIRCLES OF SMOKE BLASTED INTO THE AUDIENCE. STROBE LIGHTS FLASHED. PEOPLE LOST IT. The mysterious smoke rings continued blasting throughout one of their best sing-alongs, “I’m Only Joking,” closing the band’s set with a literal bang.