We know being an alt-rock fan can be financially demanding. Just to show you you’re not alone, here are some top struggles we’re all facing.

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Being too broke to buy concert tickets

You refresh Ticketmaster and watch as the presale seats turn from blue to gray. You know it’s for the best, but it hurts anyway. You click ‘going’ on the Facebook event, but it’s just the denial sinking in.


Your determination caves and you buy resale tickets

Six of your friends are going and the FOMO is too real, so you browse the resale tickets. 50% markup? No wonder they call it ticket scalping.


Being broke because you bought the tickets anyway

“Treat yourself,” you whisper, a single tear falling as you click confirm order on the TWENTY ØNE PILØTS tickets and mourn the $2.64 left in your bank account.


Spending too much money on merch to keep up your #altrockaesthetic

You’re already here after months of anticipation, the least you could do to remember the night is get a shirt… and a matching beanie, sweats, and a flag. Because you’re totally in control. If you think your wallet feels a little empty after the night, it’s because it is.


Spending too much money on transportation to the show

Because if you drive to the show you’ll spend three hours trying to leave the parking lot, but if you call an Uber you’ll be hit with that post-midnight 3x surge-pricing. Stuck between alt-rock and a hard place.


Spending too much money on pricey drinks at the show

You need to stay ‘hydrated,’ you tell yourself. Or maybe you decide your wallet can’t take the hit and you order a bottle of Poland Springs for $6 instead. You still wake up with a sore throat the next morning.


Drinking coffee to stay alive the next morning

You’re counting coins now to pay for the caffeine to keep you functional through your day. But the concert was so worth it, and you know you’ll do it all over again.

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