The Wrap-Up brings you the 5 largest music news stories of the week as well as information about new album and music video releases. This week: new music from Robyn and Cardi B, a King Krule music video, and more!

1. Robyn Returns

Robyn is back with her sixth album, Honey. The Swedish singer’s first album in eight years continues her foray into electro-pop, but these tracks aren’t just club songs. Robyn conveys a wide range of feeling throughout Honey. Tell me you don’t feel some sort of magic from the shimmering introduction of “Because It’s In The Music.”

2. Sonic Youth Sell Out… Sort Of

Bands with reputations built on anti-establishment controversy often find themselves selling out to the establishment, like when the Sex Pistols’ frontman stooped to selling butter. Experimental rock pioneers Sonic Youth are taking a different approach to selling out. They partnered with Reverb to offer more than 200 pieces of memorabilia from their guitars and pedals to electronic organs. In promotion of Daydream Nation’s 30th anniversary, the band will also host a film event to celebrate the monumental album.

3. Cardi B Drops New Track, “Money”

This month, Cardi B was featured on various artists’ projects. She collaborated with Madonna on Quavo’s album, featured on Lil Yachty’s Nuthin’ 2 Prove, and worked with Selena Gomez. This week, she released a solo track, “Money.” At a glance, “Money” looks like a hedonistic track, concerned with a love for money, grills, and cars, but it seems like that’s exactly what Cardi B wants you to think. Disproving the accusation that “Cardi went pop” with her recent hits, perhaps “Money” hints at the future direction of her music.

4. King Krule Releases “Cadet Limbo” Video

King Krule’s last album, The Oozcame out last year, and the English artist just shared a music video for Ooz track “Cadet Limbo.” The hip-hop-influenced jazz number is played over a noir montage featuring landscapes, close-ups of lips, and a saxophonist in a flowery shirt that I’d imagine is colorful in person.

5. Yung Lean Releases “Happy Feet” ahead of Poison Ivy

Yung Lean built his fame at seventeen on YouTube videos that made use of internet-culture iconography like Arizona Green Tea, Pokémon and Oreos. With his latest album, Stranger, the Swedish rapper proved himself a matured artist. His new track, “Happy Feet,” builds on this trend. It still references SoundCloud motifs like Burberry and drug use, but does so in a pensive, melodic context via the beat produced by Yung Sherman. The song also promotes Yung Lean’s sixth studio album, Poison Ivy, which comes out November 2nd.

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