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Sevyn Streeter’s Valentine’s Day Interview With Jay Postal | Talks ‘Call Me Crazy, But…’, Dating Rumors, Future Collaborations & More!

Jay Postal caught up with multi-talented singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter for an in-depth Valentine’s Day interview. Sevyn, fresh off her Call Me Crazy, But…  EP reveals her hopes for future collaborations with Usher & Drake, dating rumors, her relationship with her mentor Chris Brown, past Valentine’s Day memories and more! Read the entire interview below:

Jay Postal: 95.5 WBRU Providence Rhode Island, Massachusetts in Connecticut, we’re here with the multitalented diva Sevyn Streeter Streeter. What’s going on Sevyn Streeter?

Sevyn Streeter: Nothing much. How are you doing?

Jay Postal: I’m doing pretty good. So we’ve run into each other so many times out in LA and then I saw you not too long ago in New York. How are you doing since then?

Sevyn Streeter: I’m doing all right. I’m doing pretty, pretty good. I mean just working and TV shows and recording so I couldn’t be better. I promise.

Jay Postal: I know and it’s about two months since you released the EP. So tell us about the response and let us know a little bit more about what it’s been since you dropped it?

Sevyn Streeter: Man, I will say it’s been really cool just to have fans re-tweet lines from their favorite songs and have this thing where I asked them, “Okay, according to Call Me Crazy, But… EP what record best described the state of your relationship?”


Sevyn Streeter: So that’s always funny because they go crazy on Twitter and some will go “Oh, my gosh, B.A.N.S” and some will go “Shattered” and some of them recite lines and stuff. That part about it is really, really cool! And then now when I do shows, they actually know the words to the songs and that’s always great!

And that’s awesome. And you’re also coming fresh off your tour with K. Michelle. I know you received a great response from that. And so with everything that you’re doing – your songs on the charts and your EP album out – do you feel any pressure right now?

Sevyn Streeter: You know what? I think there is probably a little bit of pressure you put it on yourself because you just want to try to put out better songs. You want to get better, you want to progress and get better. So I think that’s probably the pressure that I may put on myself but I don’t know, I’m not really feeling pressure from the fans or from my peers. I think that at this point, I’m just enjoying the fact that I can actually put music out for people. You know what I mean?


Sevyn Streeter: That part of it. It kind of takes me of edge a little bit because like I said I get so many positive Tweets and positive messages from my peers and from my fans – and it just helps. I’m just having fun. I really am. I’m excited about just creating more, and putting out more music.

Absolutely and when it comes to the phone lines, people are always calling in requesting different cuts from your EP which I think is pretty interesting. So we’re playing It Won’t Stop, we’re playing Next. Is there a song that you really want fans to hear more on this EP that really speaks to you?

Sevyn Streeter: Well, the crazy thing is and fortunately, they all kind of speak to me.

Yeah, right.

Sevyn Streeter: They all kind of speak to me a little bit.

But if you were to choose one record?

Sevyn Streeter: One record?

That they sort of don’t already know. So besides the smash hits they don’t already probably know.

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah. One song off the EP? I think I’ll have to go back because I want to pick one for you but I can’t pick one. It’s hard. I really do, I love every song on the EP and I love them all for different reasons.


Sevyn Streeter: “A Little Bit” that’s probably my favorite one to perform a lot of times. “Shattered” I haven’t had a chance to really perform yet on stage but I’m looking forward to that one the most. I love performing B.A.N.S because the girls just literally like to scream the lyrics at me and that’s always the best part. Then Next has a sentimental value to it because it really talking about something that I went through. So I love them all for different reasons but I will say the one that I’m looking forward to performing the most, the one that’s up next to me is probably “Shattered” because I haven’t performed it yet.

So you’ve always been kind of behind the scenes and now you’re coming out into the forefront. You have penned songs for so many different people in the industry where there is Beyonce, Tony Braxton, Ariana Grande. So what is it like being in the forefront now and even when you’re putting out your records, do you think there’s kind of an alter ego that you’re showing?

Sevyn Streeter: You know what? I think there’s a difference in writing for people and now being able to put out my own music. Honestly, I just feel like writing for other people helped me. It really did come in handy when it came time to writing my own songs.


Sevyn Streeter: And feeling a certain type of confidence about my own songs because I written some records that have done well for other artists. So it kind of gave me a little bit of an advantage and a little bit of a cheat code because I kind of know what certain kinds of fans like, what kind of music songs they would like to hear. So that kind of helps a little bit. In terms of the alter ego side of it, I think that the person that Sevyn Streeter is, is really the a 10-year-old little girl inside of me that’s been waiting to do that all her life.

Yeah. Right!

Sevyn Streeter: To be quite honest, I don’t know if there is an alter ego, it’s a 10-year-old little girl saying, “Yeah, I get to do it for real this time.”

Yeah, right. And speaking of being 10 years old and doing this, right, I did some research! You tied for first place and today’s Valentine’s Day by the way, by singing My Funny Valentine during Showtime at the Apollo.

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah!

You remember that? It brought back some memories for you, huh?

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah, that’s crazy.

But you’re out here getting too cool for me, Sevyn Streeter. You’re on Instagram. I see you hanging with Scott Mills and Trey Songz and Kevin Hart and Drake. So what’s it like now? You’re out partying and having fun and meeting all these great people!

Sevyn Streeter: Man, well for me I’m having a really good time. I’m out a lot. I’m having a lot of fun. And for me being able to be around other artists is just cool. A lot of times the artists I’m with now I have written songs for before and now our conversation gets to be a little different.  It’s about us collaborating and doing songs together and things like that. So that part is really exciting for me to be able to work with them in different ways now.

Yes and speaking of working with people, who is it that you probably want to work with that you hadn’t already worked with? So I mean, again, you’ve been penning songs for so many different people in the industry, working behind the scenes and now as an artist you’re collaborating with the bunch of people. Chris Brown has been your mentor. So who else do you really want to work with?

Sevyn Streeter: I would love to do a record with Usher. I actually, I really want to do a song with him.I would love that.

So is that going to happen on the album you have coming out?

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah man, I’ve definitely been working on my album so. I don’t know. Maybe we’ll see. My fingers are crossed. My prayers are up. So let’s see. I would love to.

My fingers are crossed with you because I want to see that happen. Again and you and Chris Brown killed it on It Won’t Stop

Sevyn Streeter: Thank you.

So tell us a little bit more about what Chris Brown’s role has been even after you released the EP?

Sevyn Streeter: He’s just always been supportive. Like from day one, I got my first writing placement with him. So he’s always been supportive in so many different ways whether I was writing songs with him or once I became his artist. He’s just always been very, very supportive. He’s been to all of my video shoots. He sends me text messages or I’ll get a phone call whenever the song goes number one or we’re celebrating. The guy has been a cheerleader to be honest.

Yeah. That’s dope and so – yes, speaking of collabs too beyond Chris Brown and that being your mentor so I saw you’re showing Eric Bellinger some love on the Twitter, thinking about another Hit-Boy collab soon? Is that in the works?

Sevyn Streeter: You know what? Well, Eric is the one – Eric is like family to me, like that is one of my best friends so.


Sevyn Streeter: I’m just so happy for him like really, really happy for him. I just actually got his new EP the Rebirth, I got it the other day. I’m in love with it.

Yup. I saw you retweet that, too.

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah. I’m excited. Do you know I have known that boy since I was 17 years old? So man, I would love for us to really, really, really work together again. I think we’re overdue for us to get back again.

Yeah. And I saw you and Yo Gotti getting up in Nashville, he hit you on the Twitter is that a collab that might be potentially happening?

Sevyn Streeter: I’m a huge Yo Gotti fan.


Sevyn Streeter: I mean all my cousins like Yo Gotti. I had a chance to meet him – Grammy weekend at Ne-Yo’s it party where I’m at. He was really cool so maybe I would love to do a record with him.

And what about Drake too. I hope there are no harsh feelings with Chris. He’s not – sort of a barrier to entry to you working with Drake down the line is he? Is there a conflict of interest there?

Sevyn Streeter: No. I think that we can work together as musicians. I am a fan of just good music and great artistry and Drake is a great artist. He’s incredible so I would love to work with him, just like I would love to work with Usher just like I would love to work with other really, really great artists out there.

Nice. And so it is Valentine’s Day so obviously the Valentine’s Day questions have to come out!

So Valentines, what are you doing on Valentines? Do you have any good plans?

Sevyn Streeter: Man, I’m working on Valentine’s Day.

You know what? I like that answer. Staying focused.

Sevyn Streeter: I am working. It’s the truth. I am working. I am actually in Nashville though, I was at a hosting here last night and I was supposed to have a show in Albany New York tonight but all the flights out of Nashville got cancelled. So I’m actually stuck in Nashville trying to figure out, I’m like, “Boy, I’m in Nashville.” I’ve been dying to write some country records though. My team is trying to figure out if I can go and write somewhere tonight.

That’s so dope – having that sort of leverage and flexibility to say, “You know what? I’m going to write a country record tonight because I just feel like it, right?” So you’re doing work and so hopefully, you enjoy Valentine’s Day up in Nashville. There’s nothing to do out there on Valentine’s Day?

Sevyn Streeter: I don’t know! I didn’t even think about it but if I don’t go and write and I will probably go see a movie. I think I might go and catch the Kevin Hart movie!


Sevyn Streeter: It looked pretty funny.

So there have been rumors about you and dating, I don’t know if that is something you want to talk about but – I saw you and Mack Wilds up at the SIN Awards. You guys were kind of together. I don’t know the context of that at all but yeah, you guys were also kind of doing a little innocent flirting on the red carpet at the Soul Train Awards. So are you and Mack dating or what? Is that just a rumor? Or are you just friends?

Sevyn Streeter: You know, me and Mack, I can’t call him that. I call him just Tristan. I’ve known him for a couple of years. But yeah, we’re really good friends. We’re really, really good friends and we’re very supportive of each other. I’m really happy for him and vice versa so. We’re just friends, yeah.

Yeah. Right? I don’t know what that means but we’ll take it like that. So “good friends.” And so are you actually dating at that time? Are you single?

Sevyn Streeter: I honestly I’m very single. I am very single. I’m home when I’m off. I make time for an occasional date. You know a date or two but yeah, I’m definitely, I’m very very single so.

All right. Just don’t make your

Sevyn Streeter: ex-boyfriend my next boyfriend, that’s it.

Yeah, because you know, there are some guys out there who are interested for sure. And so you’re also running a contest on Instagram, tell them about it, your Valentine’s Day contest #Sevyn StreeterSingleHearts.

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah. I just want – I want to give away some stuff on Valentines – for Valentines for all my single ladies, that’s all. Because I just feel like just for Valentines, single women sometimes feel like it’s the end of the world and it’s just not. It’s just so not. So all the details are on Instagram. I have a gift for you ladies! You guys just have to go to my Instagram and like the picture to get into it because I will give to you a little care package for all of you who think that being single on Valentine’s Day is end of the world. It’s not so.

Nice. So can be a single lady for a couple of hours? I want a gift from Sevyn Streeter. Come on. Can you send me some flowers and some chocolates? What’s in the gift package?

Sevyn Streeter: Crap. I am so terrible. I’m not sure! I will let you know.

It’s all good as long as I get one! We’d still be on good terms. I’m just kidding.

Sevyn Streeter: Absolutely.

Yeah. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sevyn Streeter: Thank you.

And so I’m going to ask you a couple of quick Valentine’s Day questions, too.

Sevyn Streeter: Okay.

So we kind of know what you’re doing, you’re working on Valentine’s Day, that’s a good answer. And then so what has been your best Valentine’s Day ever in the past?

Sevyn Streeter: What has been my best Valentine’s Day ever?


Sevyn Streeter: You know what? This sounds crazy but probably I was in the 10th grade. It was my best Valentine’s Day ever.

Oh, yes. What happened?

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah. My ex from high school, his name was Tony Joyner.

What’s his name one more time?

Sevyn Streeter: His name was Tony Joyner from high school. And Tony actually made me a card for Valentine’s Day because I’m really big on just doing thoughtful things. I don’t need you to go above and beyond and like it’s really never been about that for me. And so, he actually he made me a Valentine’s card, it was the sweetest thing ever so. I’m that kind of a gift-giver and gift-receiver.


Sevyn Streeter: I just like the thought that goes into it, and actually just taking the time out to want, to make someone feel special, no matter how you do it. Some people like to go and beyond – that’s great too – if that’s how they show their appreciation for somebody. But it’s all about just being thoughtful.

All right! I’m taking notes. I hope everyone out there is also taking notes on this also. That was going to lead into my next question which was what is the most romantic thing you can do? So you kind of answered that. So roses or chocolate? What do you prefer?

Sevyn Streeter: That’s a hard one. Honestly, I would probably say not necessarily roses but flowers in general. I just love flowers but they don’t have to be roses. I just love flowers.

Yeah. What do you think is the most popular way to say “Be Mine Is?” Flowers, cards, candy?

Sevyn Streeter: The most popular way to “Say Be Mine”? A conversation. Sorry.

All right. I like that.

Sevyn Streeter: I think it’s just the conversation. Yeah. Then it will help if it’s accompanied by some flowers or whatever but just a simple conversation is okay.

All right. I’m going to ask you a couple of trick questions here referring to your name real quick, all right?

Sevyn Streeter: Okay!

Why is six afraid of Sevyn?

Sevyn Streeter: Because Sevyn, eight, nine.

All right. You know that one. So how do you make Sevyn even?

Sevyn Streeter: How do you make Sevyn Streeter even?


Sevyn Streeter: I don’t know. Take away Sevyn. I mean…

Take away the S. Yeah, right! Who is Mickey Mouse’s Valentine? Come on Sevyn Streeter, you got to know this.

Sevyn Streeter: I thought it was Minnie. It’s Minnie.

Yeah, of course.

Sevyn Streeter: Okay.!

All right. Between girlfriends, wives, mothers and teachers, who receives the most cards on Valentine’s Day?

Sevyn Streeter: Girlfriends, wives, mothers and teachers. For some reason I’m going to say teachers.

You’re right!

Sevyn Streeter: My mom was like a 27 year educator. She was a teacher before she was a Dean so yeah.

All right. She’s probably got an all bunch of those Valentine’s cards collected over the years.

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah!

So including children exchanging cards, how many Valentines are bought each year? So I’m going to give you a couple of numbers, 700 million, 800 million, 900 million, one billion, Sevyn Streeter I’m just going to throw that in there or two billion?

Sevyn Streeter: I don’t think it’s on the billions but I could be wrong, is it? I’m going to go with eight.

Close, close. It’s a billion.

Sevyn Streeter: No way!

Yeah. That’s a lot, right?

Sevyn Streeter: Really?


Sevyn Streeter: That’s crazy!

That’s crazy. So cupid arrow, weapon of mass destruction or instruments of love?

Sevyn Streeter: Both. Man, it depends in which they asked me this question. Uhm, weapon of mass destruction of love?

Instrument of love.

Sevyn Streeter: I’m going to say instrument of love.

Yeah. And here is another trick question real quick. So sex on the bed or sex on the ceiling?

Sevyn Streeter: OMG, ceiling.

That’s the stuff. All right. I had to plug that in real quick.

Sevyn Streeter: Hey, that was great!

Yeah, so here’s another one, right? So your favorite thing to drink on Valentine’s Day? You give me yours and I’ll give you mine.

Sevyn Streeter: Oh, man a glass of wine Pinot Noir.

A glass of wine?

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah. Pinot Noir and ice with it.

I’m going to go with something more not as elegant.

Sevyn Streeter: Okay!

But there’s a reason why I’m saying this. A Mountain Dew!

Sevyn Streeter: A Mountain Dew?

Yeah, you got it! Mount and Do!

Sevyn Streeter: That was a good one. That’s a good one.

All right. And then so the Sevyn sins? So you’re Sevyn Streeter? What are one of the Sevyn sins you’re going to be committing on Valentine’s Day? There’s greed, there’s gluttony, there’s lust.

Sevyn Streeter: Oh, man.

There’s envy, there’s sloth. You’re in church girl so I know you know this.

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah, yeah, yeah! I think it might be gluttony. I think it’s so.


Sevyn Streeter: Yeah. I think I’m going to eat everything in sight!

Right. I like that. Going in!

Sevyn Streeter: Yeah!

Thank you for coming on with us 95.5! Where they can get your EP if they don’t already have it?

Sevyn Streeter: Man, you can get it at on iTunes. You can get it in Wal-Mart and you can get it at FYE!.

Yeah. And if they’re not already following you on Instagram, Twitter, and all those social media platforms, where can they follow you?

Sevyn Streeter: Man, you make sure you follow me at my Twitter is @Sevyn and my Instagram is the same thing is @Sevyn and my website is so make sure you all follow me.

And speaking of the Instagram, while they’re there make sure to #SevynSingleHeart, right?

Sevyn Streeter: Yes, it is. #Sevyn StreeterSingleHeart to win. You win like a red scented candle, you win red roses, you win an autographed EP, and autographed poster. So you guys make sure you get into it!

Thanks again Sevyn Streeter for coming on with us and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sevyn Streeter: Thank you so much and you were great. This is a great interview so thank you!


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