The Women’s Caucus of the Rhode Island Democratic Party (RIDP) held its first fundraiser on Tuesday at the Roger Williams Park Casino in Providence. Speakers at the event included Governor Raimondo and Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea. The Women’s Caucus was established a year ago by women who wanted to increase their involvement and visibility in politics in response to President Donald Trump’s election. State Representative Lauren Carson, one of the co-chairs of the caucus, said that the group’s rapid growth since its founding is indicative of women as an “energized force” in politics.

“This is a reinvigoration of the women’s movement, and I think the messages are ripe coming out of the Women’s Caucus. I think that we’re all feeling like we want to move forward.”

Representative Carson said that about 200 people attended the fundraiser, and preliminary estimates indicate that it raised about $10,000 for the caucus, with an additional $2,000 expected in outstanding pledges. As for the future of the Women’s Caucus, Carson expects that specific policy goals will be determined after the elections of their first executive board, which will be held in January 2018.