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Nick Groff – Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” Exec. Producer Talks ‘Drinks On Me’ Tour & Music Ventures [Interview]

(L-R: Chicago Rapper Less-On, Ghost Adventures Executive Producer, Nick Groff, Keyboardist for Parliament Funkadelic / Secret Army, Danny Bedrosian)

This Thursday, February 6th8PM at  the Hard Rock Café in Boston Nick Groff Entertainment Presents the “Drinks on Me” Tour hosted by Nick Groff, the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures Executive Producer himself. The highly-anticipated show will feature live performances by: Less-On (Chicago), Danny Bedrosian (Keyboardist for Parliament Funkadelic / Secret Army), The American Symphony of Soul, R&B ( Rhythm & Beats) & tickets are available here or at

We caught up with the praised ghost hunter about his TV show, music, new artist Less-On among a number of ventures that he’s working on. Check out the interview after the jump and be sure to come to the must-see show this Thursday 8 PM at the Hard Rock Café in Boston!

95.5! We’re here with Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel Series, Ghost Adventures, Fridays at 9 p.m., Nick Groff. What’s going on, Nick?

Nick Groff: What’s up to you man? How you doing?

Hey man, you have a bunch of things going on. What’s going on with you?

Nick Groff: Oh my God! Yeah, I just multitasking. You know my world it’s always moving. I just always got my hand working on something, just working on the music side of my business right now. I’m really, really excited. I just signed a new artist, Less-On from Chicago. He teamed up with my good friend, Danny Bedrosian. He’s a lead keyboardist from the Parliament-Funk, George Clinton. So him and I go way back, Danny Bedrosian and myself and we thought it be a great opportunity to take Less-On under our wings and produce the ET album that we just released called Drinks On Me. Amazing ET album that we really start at the end of the year and now, we’re ready to take a full blow into a live band, live concert this Thursday, February 6. I am coming out 8 until midnight at the Hard Rock in Boston. We will be performing live. So we’re pumped!

So Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, if you’re out there listening, that is going down this Thursday, February 6. You said at 8 p.m. The Hard Rock Café. Where’s that located?

Nick Groff: Right in Boston actually, it’s right in the heart of Boston so it’s going to be really awesome, man. We have a lot of great performers coming out. There will be some good opening acts. Danny and Less-On will be playing. So we got R&B, Rhythm and Beats, Eliza Starr. We got the American Symphony of Soul and Danny Bedrosian’s band, the Secret Army is going to play. So it’s going to be great and you’ll see me up on the stage. I’m hosting the whole event. We’ll be taking pictures and stuff having great times. It’s going to be a lively party, just with everybody celebrating, having some fun, a lot of great amazing bands.

Nice! That sounds awesome. Are we going to see ghosts out there too?

Nick Groff: I hope so it’s right in the heart of Boston, so a lot of history and stuff goes back in those locations. So you never know what’s going to happen.

No ghosts at this party though! It’s going to be a packed house, because you guys always do some amazing things out there and in general dude. And so how did this come about? People normally know you for you investigating reportedly haunted locations, sort of collecting visuals and auditory evidence of paranormal activities. So how are you leveraging that into music? That’s crazy!

Nick Groff: Yeah, it’s funny. A lot of people don’t know this other side of me but since I was a little kid, going way back when I was 14-years-old, Danny Bedrosian and myself, we used to make tracks and mess around with beats and all that stuff in my basement. And I had a whole live DJ set up and everything that I used to mess with and Danny was an amazing musician from age 2. He’s been like playing the piano forever and so He comes from a classical background and all that stuff with his parents and what not so him and I, he used to always tell me, hey one day, I’m going to go on and I’m going to play with George Clinton and the Parliament-Funk and whatever. I was like, that’s cool. I was so into music at the time but I was also fascinated with movies and film and what not. So I went in a different direction where Ghost Adventures just kind of came on as is. And when I went to do Ghost Adventures and it became a success Danny did his thing with George Clinton, I just felt like it was the time in my life where I want to team back up with him, and music is just in the blood. It’s in the soul, and I had just so much life experiences to talk about. It’s another way for me to get stuff off my chest was through music so him and I teamed up and we did two albums together. And then after that, I discovered Lesson and we bought Lesson under our wings and released the album that just came out. So, I just want music, man. It’s just something that’s in your blood and I continue to do it and people are really digging it!

Absolutely awesome. And so, you’re the face behind one of Travel Channel‘s most successful television programs, Ghost Adventures obviously everyone knows about that. So, how do you think you’re programming or being behind the scenes as the Executive Producer of one of those shows really connects to you trying to go forth with music and doing it big, sort of on the music side, how is the programming connected all?

Nick Groff: Yeah, it’s cool because a lot of my music when I started diving into it. I released two of my own albums. It was all personal experiences. It was all life, death, my journey, the adventure, everything just transcribed into music. And that’s basically how I produced my first two albums. That it was this conceptional ideas of like birth to death and then beyond death into this like other spiritual realm and stuff. My first album was called ‘The Other Side’ which took you on this journey.

And then the second album was called Spiritual War which will lead you through all these different dimensions and different like hurdles and downs in my life, and then upbringing to my life. So I mean I had a lot of my personal, personal life experiences brought into music. I was like an open book to listen up, all the, every single one of those tracks and take another piece of me that I have lived through. So, that’s kind of how it, transcribed into the music from off my own paranormal, for almost doing, paranormal research in all my life pretty much.

It’s called the ‘Drinks On Me’ Tour. Who came with that name? What’s the concept behind that? Why isn’t it connected to some sort of paranormal activity?

Nick Groff: This album is, when we brought on Less-On, it’s an ET album. So I’m producing it with Danny and ‘Drinks On’ Me was just like a cool catchy title that we loved. It’s basically a celebration. I mean Lesson is a game changer as far as music goes, in my opinion. He was one of the greatest emcees, lyrical people out there I think right now. That’s really changing up the game in a positive sense, because there is a lot of negative music out there and stuff, especially in the hip hop and in rap. That’s just like discriminating and hating and what not and this guy, Less-On was. Just so amazing, you got to see one of his tracks, called Half Knots.

And it’s just something from his soul. It’s a piece of him – he comes from a hard place but it shows that he uses music as an outlet rather than choosing the other direction to go in, especially when growing up in Chicago and stuff like that, a lot of us know that’s a pretty a rough neighborhood. And so he is a really positive individual who has a lot of heart, lot of soul and a lot to be said. And I’m telling you, this guy he’s going to be huge. He’s going to be star. So ‘Drinks On Me’, is something to be remembered, something to celebrate together and just be one big happy party as this we have mentality behind it.

That sounds great. It’s going to be really, really great party. This Thursday, February 6 at 8 p.m. the Hard Rock Café, Drinks On Me tour, presented by Nick Groff. So tell us a little bit more about Less-On, you said he’s from Chicago. He’s R&B and rap artist. That’s how you describe him but you mentioned something that I think is important here – the messaging behind some of his content. It’s supposed to be positive. It’s supposed to be leaning in a different direction. As you said, it’s different from what we’re hearing now with urban music.

Nick Groff: Right.

So what really makes him different and how would you really define him as an artist?

Nick Groff: Number one, he’s the most positive individual I’ve ever met. If you put him in the room with a thousand people, there something about his aura, his energy that you just get attracted to want to talk to him number one. He has just has this energy, full of energy. When he’s on stage, performing, or when he’s talking to you, there is just something about his charisma, his personality that you just want to be interested in and converse with him in the same room. That’s how I really became liking him as an individual, and I think people paths cross for certain reasons so there just something special about him.

And number two, he’s, just like every single one of the tracks that he is making right now, has something you can take away from it. Even if it’s a track just called Bottle Popping, right? It’s a fun going club hit, that he made on that ET album and, but if you listen to the lyrics, it’s all about forget the drama, forget the fighting, put down whatever you’re doing right now at a club and let’s all just have a good time. I mean that is his bottle popping song. That’s what music is about. Let’s have a good time. Let’s feel it. Let’s have some soul behind it rather than hating, fighting, shooting, so on and so forth.

Exactly, and what dynamic does Danny bring to the table, keyboardist or Parliament-Funkadelic, obviously, and Secret Army also, man. That’s some iconic stuff going on right now. So tell us more about that dimension. How that’s all coming together?

Nick Groff: Danny is an interesting individual as far as music goes because he’s one of the most talented people that I’ve ever met in my life. He can pick up any single instrument and play it. I mean he’s just a musical genius period. This guy takes a keyboard and will play the keyboard and then put it over his head while he’s playing it live.


Nick Groff: It’s something you really got to see…

No way.

Nick Groff: Because he rocks it.

So let me ask you something, is he going to be doing that at the ‘Drinks On Me’ Tour?

Nick Groff: Oh yeah. That’s right I told him he has to do that. I’m like, listen, you got to put that keyboard over your head and play that thing like you mean it. He’s like, “oh, you have no idea, I’m going to tear it up.”

Oh my gosh. So if you’re not there essentially, you’re going to be missing out on a really, really good show and then you have American Symphony of Soul and Rhythm and Beats. They’re going to be opening for Danny and Less-on man. That’s going to be a great show. So where can they get these tickets, man?

Nick Groff: Yes, they can go on our Facebook page. Right now, we have an event page. If they just look up Nick Groff Events Drinks On Me tour at the Hard Rock, you can find our Event page, like it and all the information, we are putting out videos, putting all the ticket sales up on there. Or if you go to Right there is one of the icons, just click the top link and it will take you right to the ticket link to buy tickets. You can buy the tickets at the door, 8 p.m. We open at the Hard Rock. So It’s 8 to midnight, or at the door you can buy the tickets there. Any which way you can possibly think of, we’ll be there rocking out, and we hope everybody comes down and have a good time.

For those who are listening in Rhode Island, even in Massachusetts in Connecticut, Rhode Island, I would take this ride up to Boston, it’s going to be a crazy, crazy show. And, tell us more about Groff Entertainment. You’re doing so many things behind the scenes. It’s ridiculous.

Nick Groff: Yeah, I’m doing a tone of stuff. I have obviously Ghost Adventures Season 9, premiers February 15. It’s coming out. We’re really excited about that. We’re already shooting, trying to film new episodes coming next year for Season 10. And besides doing that, I opened a new gym called Drive Health & Fitness in Massachusetts.


Nick Groff: And that’s doing exceptionally well. We’re looking at opening a second gym possibly in New Hampshire coming up. And we’re just doing really, really well with all that stuff. And then I have all the whole side of the music that I’m actually producing now with Less-On, and working on some other stuff coming out very shortly. So we’re just excited. We’re booking some tours. We’re working on Southern California locations, East Coast locations and just found today actually that Less-On won some contest, so he’s going down to New York City to perform on April 2 for one of his tracks that he’s going to be doing on that too as well. So we’re excited.

That is awesome. So the ‘Drinks On Me’ Tour is coming to the City of Boston and a city near you. Make sure to check it out. It’s going down again, February 6, that’s this Thursday at 8 p.m. the Hard Rock Café. That’s going to be a great show. That’s located at, what, 22 Clinton Street, I’m trying to guess off the top of my head. I’ve been there a couple of times. But yeah, dude, it’s going to be a great show. Thanks for coming on with us. And where can they, again, follow you and where can they get these tickets and keep connected with all the stuff that you guys is going to be doing musically?

Nick Groff: Yeah, go to All the information is up there. For all of our upcoming events, you can go there and check out all his tracks. We just put up a mixed tape, that’s for free. Download these tracks. The new ET album is up, produced by Danny Bedrosian and myself. And basically to make it easy if you just Google my name, on the world of the internet, Nick Groff, you’ll find all my websites.

Thanks for coming on with us and we’re rooting for you. It’s going to be great to see what you guys do musically. Man, you are a genius when it comes to producing and doing everything that you do on the television, and it’s going to be great to see what you do also on the music, and you’ve been doing this forever dude.

Nick Groff: I’m pretty sure I did. Thank you.

Just more, more and more success coming to you in 2014 and beyond. Thanks again, and also, one more reminder, make sure to check him out at the Hard Rock Café in Boston this Thursday. Thanks Nick!

Nick Groff: Thanks man! I’ll see you soon.

Tickets are available here or at

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