Last Friday night Home BRU’d put on an event at the Met featuring local rock bands Young Lincoln, Eric & the Nothing, Tall Teenagers and The Viennagram. Energy was high among the concertgoers, many of whom seemed close with the bands.

First up were 2016 Rock Hunt Finalists Young Lincoln whose “indie altpunk” sound got the crowd dancing right away. The younger band from Connecticut — who recently graduated from high schoolv– had lots of young fans in the audience bringing up the energy. Their sound carried a weight that perfectly complimented lead singer Andy King’s vocals. Guitarist Luke Jones, bassist Jake Silvia, and drummer Joe Murphy rounded out the rockin’ sound with Murphy’s drum skills bringing extra life to the vivacity. Great melodies, catchy choruses and fan favorite “Albatross” made for a rad set. The gracious band made sure to thank BRU and Eric & the Nothing for the night. Catch the band opening for AURORA at the WBRU Summer Concert Series in July.

Next up were Providence-based Tall Teenagers. Self-described as “shorter and older than you might expect,” the straightforward rock band played big, loud music you can’t ignore. Brothers Damian and Shannon Puerini, Shaun Chevalier, and Chelsea Paulhus gave a performance with an intensity that riled up the gathering crowd. Quick turnarounds between songs with occasional short one-line intros (e.g. “this next song’s called ‘Falling Next to Me’, and it’s about throwin’ someone down the stairs”) kept energy high throughout. Some of the songs had bluesy undertones with songs like “Feel Us Out” having a distinctly psychedelic feel. With an album that came out April 16, it seems like rock fans have got some catching up to do on great local music.

Celebrating both the birthday of bassist Chuck Perry and the one year anniversary of lead singer Eric Shane and his girlfriend, Eric & the Nothing brought excitement and pure happiness to their performance. Also finalists in the 2016 Rock Hunt, the band played several familiar tunes to regulars of the local music scene. The doo-wop/garage-rockers were in excellent form, the crowd filled with family members and friends who cheered and danced to the music. Starting off with “Never Forget”, the band played their uncommonly good combo of love songs and danceable tunes to the beat of drummer Billy Moretti’s rhythms. The band tried out a new song dedicated to Shane’s girlfriend, finishing it off with an apology by Perry and a promise by Moretti that “one day it will be a good song” — something most fans already thought they’d accomplished. As the set came to a close, the multicolored balloons bouncing through the crowd and the general atmosphere had concert-goers feeling like they were attending a 60’s prom – in the best way possible!!  

Finally came psychedelic space punk-rockers The Viennagram. The band came with their own backdrop – the band’s name emblazoned across in huge letters. The high energy of the performance was infectious and the crowd by this time was ready to let loose. The band has been around for ten years with members AV Vienna and Chip Pietraszek combining forces after graduating high school. The band’s sound is much more mellow than their wild personalities, but in the end concert-goers were left with a distinctly happy feeling of knowing they weren’t the craziest people in the room.
Thank you to all of the bands and to the Met for a great night of great music! Check out our album below for some images from the night!

Home BRU’d Presents: 4-29

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