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BET ‘The Game’ Star Katlynn Simone Clears Up Roc Nation Rumors, Talks New Single, Acting Career Into Music & More

(Photo: Courtesy of Katlynn Simone/Todd Spoth Photography)

Aside from her TV gig on BET Networks, actress Katlynn Simone,  better known as daughter of Jason and Kelly and Brittany “Brit Bratt” Pitts) on The Game is also a very talented singer. Jay Postal caught up with the singer-actress to dispel rumors of her being signed to RocNation and to also discuss her music career, leveraging music into acting, her new single, and what the future holds.  Get into the exclusive interview with Kathlynn Simone below:

95.5 WBRU Providence Rhode Island, Massachusetts in Connecticut, I’m here with the beautiful Katlynn Simone. How are you Katlynn?

Katlynn:  I’m doing great. Great. Today is a good day.

Today it is –

Katlynn:  So everything is (crosstalks)

 – A great day. It’s not just a good day. Why is it a great day?

Katlynn:  Well, there’s actually a rumor going out. I’m pretty sure you saw it.

I saw it.

Katlynn:  – that I was signed by Roc Nation. It’s not true. I don’t know where it came from. This is actually the second time that I’ve been supposedly signed to Roc Nation.

Really? Wait so that’s not true because I mean, that was one of my talking points for tonight. I was like well she just signed for Roc Nation!

Katlynn:  No. Yeah, yeah. This is the second time that they’ve done that. It’s an awesome rumor and I even made a disclaimer earlier. I was like that would be awesome, but not at the moment right now. I’m not signed by Roc Nation and I don’t know where that even came from. I haven’t talked about them or anything. So it’s kind of weird.

Really? Well, I mean Jay Z if you’re out there, if you’re listening, please sign Katlynn Simone. You’re not opposed to that at all, are you?

Katlynn:  Oh, no. Not at all. Not at all. I think Jay Z is amazing. Everyone under Roc Nation is very talented so that would be awesome. Like I said, it’s something that I would love to happen but it is a rumor.

Well hopefully it does happen, all right? We’re going to wish that and sort of put that out into the universe today because Jay Z I hope you listen to this interview or somehow this gets back to Jay Z. Katlynn Simone is on the market and she’s interested in signing with Roc Nation.

Katlynn:  Pretty sure, yeah and I’m glad I could this interview today because a lot of people are kind of confused about it.


Yeah. So we’ll clear the air for you. So, I mean, I was going to congratulate you on that but obviously maybe we’ll have to congratulate you a little later. So you have a new single out. Wooh, let’s, let’s rewind a little bit actually.

Katlynn:  Okay.

Before your new single, you probably don’t know this but we met before.

Katlynn:  Really?

Yes. It’s a very interesting story so I’m going to put it out there, right?

Katlynn:  Okay.

So I was in LA at the BET Awards. You’re at the BET Awards, too, right? I didn’t know who you were at the time and obviously, now I know who you are Brit Brat and a lot of people are familiar with you as being the Brit Brat from The Game, right?

Katlynn:  Yeah.

So I’m suit and tie at the BET Awards. I don’t live out in LA so obviously I’m out there and I’m like, “All right, this girl walks out and she – I’m trying to think what would she have on. Ah, do you remember what you had on?”

Katlynn:  It was like a black lace top and –

Yes, that was it.

Katlynn: – some red pants.


Yes. It was like a red sort of skirt.

Katlynn:  Yeah. It looked like a skirt. It was actually pants because I felt more comfortable walking in pants but nobody knew that they were pants at the end of the day so it was cool.

All right. Got you. So I’m going to look like an idiot here but basically what happened was I approached you. I went up to you – and I was like, “Hey, where do I know you from?” And you were just like, “Well, I’m the actress on BET. I’m Brit Brat.” So I was just like, “Oh.” You kind of pulled that one on me, but I mean, that’s how I met you and so we kind of really just exchanged a couple of words there and then we kind of kept it moving but yeah.

Katlynn:  Wow. There are so many people I met that night. I’m sure that – I cannot remember though. You know there are so many people. Well, it’s nice that I actually do know you. We had met before, okay.

Yeah, exactly. But listen, I wasn’t hopping any bandwagon. I didn’t know you were from BET or on BET is the Game or anything like that. So I was just like, “Who is this attractive young lady?” And that’s how It sort of went about.

Katlynn:  Oh, thank you.


So let’s leave it there. But what you’re doing here is popping, being on TV. So tell us more about that, sort of your experience being on television and how you have used that to leverage your music career.

Katlynn:  Yeah. I mean, it has been definitely a blessing and kind of a ladder for my music career because – I mean, when I auditioned for The Game and everything, I think the really – the one thing that had me stand out over the other audition people is the fact that I went in there and I was like, “Can I please sing for you?” And that – it’s always been my first love so once people started seeing my face on television, they started looking me up more and they realized, “Oh, this person is a singer, too.” So it definitely has launched whatever type of vibe or publicity that I have about my music right now. I have thanks to The Game and they’ve all been super supportive about it, too.

That’s awesome and I really, really like your new single, ‘Beautiful Lie.’ You can get it on iTunes right now. So tell us more about you coming up with that concept, you know ‘Beautiful Lie’ and why it was the right time you think to start going forth with your music career?

Katlynn:  Yeah, for sure. It was actually when I wrote the song I was memorizing scripts for The Game at the time. I think this is like my second season on the show and all of the scripts that I was reading, it was just a bunch of drama going on and then I had a friend at that time that was going through some stuff as well. So I decided to write a song, just about what was going on the show and with my friend’s life and everything and then it ended up fitting perfectly for the next season. The Game, they actually aired it on the show with one of the episodes and it’s just basically a song that a lot of people can relate to. I think no matter if you’re young or old, everybody has been in a situation or in a relationship where something was going on and they were, they were living to where they could make themselves satisfied or happy when they know that right now that’s not the case so.

Absolutely and that’s super impressive. And if you haven’t already checked out the video, you check it out. So Beautiful Lie it’s up. It’s – all you got to do is search Beautiful Lie and search Katlynn Simone. So tell us more about like your life on a more personal level. So you’re obviously an actor, but let’s break down some of the walls. You’re a musician now. You’re moving forward in music. So who are you as a person if you were to describe yourself?

Katlynn:  As a person, I would say I’m a simple person, that’s for sure and what I mean by that is I love to go all out with my craft or whatever work I’m working on at the time, but as far as glamorous things and I would also say that I’m very grateful and humble. I mean, every person that has supported me no matter in what way, I feel like I have to give back to them and somehow turn it around to where I can do the same. So hopefully, that’s what other people see me has as well.

Yeah, that’s awesome. I mean, those are great qualities to have and it’s going to make you super successful when you sign that deal to Roc Nation. Just make sure to stay humble, right? But yeah, we’re super excited about your new single again. Actress, singer, songwriter, Katlynn Simone with us right now and just really trying to break down who you are as a person. So why music at this time and what really is the future for you as both the musician and an actress?

Katlynn:  Music at this time, I feel like it’s the perfect time to kind of introduce people to that side of me and I – one of my biggest things that I always tell everybody is that I really want to be taking seriously as an artist and I feel like right now, I’m changing in life and I’m becoming more mature, older, and I feel like I’m at that stage where I can relate to both sides of the spectrum and I can definitely touch people with my music. So that’s why I felt like right now is a good time to come out with things and start to have people get familiar with my music. As far as my future, I would love to be doing this feature films and a lot more – I’m always, I’ve always been a huge fan of serious drama acting.



Katlynn:  And it’s really funny because you don’t do much of that on The Game. I mean, you see some of it, but there are a lot of funny parts on The Game. But that’s why I’m really excited about this season because episode eight which is in two episodes, you’re going to see different side of Brittany and hopefully a lot of people will see different side of me as well as far as my acting goes and be a little bit impressed with that.

Uh-oh. So you’re hearing that exclusive right here. We’re going to see a different side of you and so something that you mentioned to was both sides of the spectrum. What do you mean by that particularly? You mean by being sort of an actress in Hollywood and also sort of just someone who might just be walking down the street. There’s that huge gap or divide, is that what you’re trying to say? Just sort of someone who is simple and can relate to the rest of us?

Katlynn:  Yeah.

Because you’re Hollywood. I mean, you are.

Katlynn:  Yeah. I mean, I never like to say that I’m Hollywood. I’m always going to be that Houston girl but I guess, yeah, –


Katlynn:  – that’s definitely H-Town. Yeah. I mean, that’s what I’m definitely meaning by that. I feel like one of the most important things to do in this industry, you make the stuff for the people to watch. So I feel like being as relatable as possible and as normal as possible, would definitely help with that because if people feel like you’re this untouchable figure, it’s hard for them to relate to whatever you put out there and you produce. So, yeah, I would like to be the girl-next-door kind of person that people can feel like, “Oh, okay. Well, her story is my story.” That’s what I like to say. I think being grounded is very important.


Yeah, and it’s really a process. Most people think that it happens overnight, but it’s a process of learning and learning and learning and then having good mentors in the industry who allow, you continue to grow and I mean, those people, their breadth of experience and everything they’re able to do just really helps you to be an even better person that they were when you get to their stage or their level.

Katlynn:  Yeah, yeah. I know a lot of people whenever I showed up on the first season that I was on The Game.

They were like, “Who is this girl?”

Katlynn:  Yeah, yeah. They were like, “Who is it? And she came out of nowhere.” It’s like you popped up like overnight and I don’t think they realize, I had been trying to do this a couple of years or so before that. So I mean, it was quicker than some people but it was definitely not an overnight thing. You go after no, after no, after no and then you finally get a yes and then people are like, “Oh. That was a overnight success.”



Katlynn:  And it’s never the case.

Yeah. We are rooting for you. We’re waiting for your next single, too. So what’s the game plan? What’s coming out in the next couple of months? What do you guys thinking? How you guys planning, promoting strategically

Katlynn:  Oh, right now, I’m constantly in the studio. We really do have technically what would be enough songs to release but I’m trying to just make as many as possible and then pick the perfect ones to release right now because like I said I want to be taken seriously and I want the fans to have only the best of the best for my first project. So yeah, for the next few months, I’m going to be – for the next couple of months, I’m going to be in the studio just making as many hits as possible then I’m going to sit down, pick out the select few that I think are just the bomb and then release them out no later than like maybe summer, the end of summer.


Katlynn:  So we’ll see about that.

We are definitely rooting for you we are going to support you, we’re going to ride your wave because we know when it happens, it’s going to be a really, really big splash and we’re so excited for everything that you’re doing and we wish you the best of luck and Jay Z, hey, Roc Nation, Universal Music Group. So what do you guys talking about now though? Are you guys thinking about signing a major label deals, that’s something is potentially going to happen?

Katlynn:  Whenever the time comes, I will probably start to look into that but right now, I am trying to do as much as I can as an independent artist. That’s just another way of me trying to let the fans know that I’m relatable and I just feel like I have a great team right now and at the moment, I feel okay but of course, if something came along to where I felt like that was the best opportunity for me to get my stuff out there then yeah. I would sign to record label soon, but right now I’m just independent.

Yes, you are. So that, I mean, that’s the way – that’s where the real money is right now at least as long as you can build your own base and I think you have a good platform to do that, you know, you’re good and definitely, a great pleasure to speak to you and again, we’re wishing you the best of luck and we are going to support you in everything that you do.

Katlynn:  Thank you very much. Hey, guys, what’s up? It’s Katlynn Simone. You may know me as Brit Brat from BET’s The Game and right now, you’re going to listen to my new single, Beautiful Lie on 95.5.

Check out Katlynn Simone flaunt her beauty and vocal abilities in the visual to her new song “Beautiful Lie” below:

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