Concert-goers around the world know that there is nothing quite like the experience of being with a crowd of people blissfully basking in the art of music. But they also know that there is something interesting that comes before the concert – the act of waiting in line.


Concerts are the best!!!

Walking up to the venue, there is an aura of lightheartedness, camaraderie, and exhilaration encompassing the people gathered. Wow, you think, how great is it that you are about to see one of your favorite bands live with such a wonderful crowd! Nothing could make the experience better, except maybe a picture with the band.


Maybe I should’ve gotten here earlier...

The beautiful, smiling faces of your fellow music fans welcome you as you make your way to the end of the line. With each step, the entrance to the venue starts to seem way too far away. Panic sets in when you round the corner to see the line stretched around the side of the building and down the block. And you thought 2 hours early was too early.


Where’s a minibar when I need one?

Waiting in line doesn’t turn out to be that bad – chatting with friends and your neighbors in line about the potential setlist or if the band will do that thing they do with the dog statue is always fun. But talking gets tiring and man, water does sound refreshing. And peanut butter crackers. And some guacamole…


I really wish I’d worn sweatpants

Concert fashion isn’t the same as festival fashion but it still rests on that same level of Not Sweatpants. Everyone would always rather be wearing sweatpants.


How is my phone already dying?

You’ve been playing on your phone for a few hours trying to pass the time on social media when you check the battery and suffer a mild stroke. How is one supposed to properly document a concert experience if their phone is dead?! Pictures, videos, Snapchats – you’ll forget you went to the concert and more importantly, no one else will ever know you were there either.


My body is made of stone

No way is a person’s body ever supposed to feel this numb. Your feet are asleep, your butt is a rock and you think about all of the times you probably should’ve tried yoga or pilates or exercise ballet.


Why do people even go to concerts???

We have been waiting here since the beginning of time.