Get to know your Rock Hunt semifinalists before their show!

With special guests The Rare Occasions

Friday the 13th at 8pm
Newport Blues Cafe
$5 at the door, 21+

We Were Astronauts


Le Roxy Pro


Skinny Millionaires

Answers by Mikey Millionaire

How they take their coffee? I like a large Depresso that is full bodied, rich, hot, and keeps me up all night, usually with viagra and cocaine.
Favorite Band/Artist? Winger featuring Paris Hilton
Own worst habit? crying under the sink obsessively trying to scrub away the truth.
Own best physical feature? My left bicep is named ‘light breeze’ and my right one is named ‘soft wind’ …my legs come in next…’ tropical flutter’  and ‘spring mist’ can stop traffic.
Biggest Turnoff in another person? If they’re in the music business, I instantly hate them.
Who is the joker in Skinny Millionaires? What do you mean? Can’t you tell the seriousness of my answers?